City of Archer City, Texas -- (940) 574-4570 -- 118 S. Sycamore Street


Standard Pickup - $10.00
8’ Trailer -  $10.00
10' Trailer - $14.00
12' Trailer - $16.00
14' Trailer - $18.00
16' Trailer - $20.00
Height limit is 18". Over 18" rates

Pickup - $25.00
8' Trailer - $50.00
Trailers over 8' - $5.00 per ft. over 8'
3 Yard Dump Truck - $60.00
Height limit is 18".  Over 18" rates double.  

Items that CANNOT be accepted include:

Hazardous materials
PCP - containing wastes
Untreated medical wastes
Waste containing free liquids
Whole used tires

Citizens Collection Center

The City of Archer City Citizens Collection Center is located at 222 N. Sycamore, across from the downtown water tower.  This site is for exclusive use of permanent residents of the City of Archer City.  By Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations, it is not for use by non-residents of the city. 

Collection Center Hours of Operation:
Tuesday -- 9 AM – 11 AM
Thursday -- 1 PM – 3 PM
Saturday -- 9 AM – 12 PM

The City of Archer City requests cooperation in maintaining the brush collection site located behind the baseball field. 
*This site is for brush collection ONLY
* Grass clippings and leaves are allowed, only if you remove the matter from the bags and take the bags with you. 
Please do not put your bags in the brush collection site.  
* Lumber, plastics, buckets, or cans are prohibited and must be taken to the Citizens Collection Center at 222 N. Sycamore.  
* Objects left at the brush site that are not allowed can be classified as illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is a misdemeanor and may be an arrestable offense.
*We do not accept debris from property located outside of Archer City.  For more information please contact City Hall at 574-4570.